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OutWest Creatives, our goal is to help you create and personalise your project into "Oh Wow!"

We’ll guide you through the process and decisions. Provide you with options, then stand back while you choose your favourites. OutWest will then pull it all together into a unique and interactive experience that is exclusively yours. We will supervise your project from start to finish.

Drone Photography & Branding Projects

Helping brands with their marketing via digital media. Working on projects remotely using SaaS for content. POA

Gif Photo Booth

Perfect for Branding. It sends a photo, gif or boomerang str to your email, or phone. You get a microsite gallery. Prints available via our Printer.

Inflatabooth & Inflatable Wall

An inflatable enclosure run by a small blower. This requires a 3m cubed space. This can be used to enclose the Gif Booth. We also have a 3m x 3m Inflatable Wall as a backdrop to hire.

Gif & Hashtag Printer

With Hashtag printing you can instantly print your own photos using a customised hashtag at your event or add it to the Gif Booth to have digital share and tangible images to take home.

Chloe's 21st

Kiwi Pacific Store'has a birthday in the house and the Gif Photo Booth was there too 😍

Global Indigenous Runway

After party entertainment with the Gif Photo Booth was a success.

World Vegan Day

Gif Photo Booth times at World Vegan Day.


Launch of the amazing Nibblit app with the Gif Photo Booth.

loads of fun





photobooth melbourne

WHy hire Outwest creatives?

All Inclusive Quote

Travel, setup/packdown, attendant, props, unlimited sessions and microsite cusomisation all included in your photo booth package. The Gif Photo Booth has a customised online gallery.


With multiple Gif photo booth options to choose from, we have something for every occasion.

State of the Art Equipment

Our Gif Photo Booth has live upload and API integration, the Gif photobooth is Australian made.

Customised Microsite

With the Gif Booth package, you get your own customised microsite. Perfect for corporate branding awareness or to add that little bit extra to your event.

Social Media Share

With our Gif Booth, your guests have the ability to upload to, multiple social media platforms right after your photo session.

Optional Extras

The Gif Photo Booth Printer with unlimited photo prints.
We have a range of 18+ props for Hens or adult events. POA

"Great People to deal with and would recommend you get in fast! These guys make any party a fun party!"
Frans Du Plessis

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