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Gif Booth

Our Gif Booth will share your customised and branded gif, boomerang or photo to maximise social media engagement.Β 

Share your image via email, sms, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter right after your photo.

From $200 upwards an hour. Corporate Packages available.

Curtain Booth

Curtain Enclosed Booth, with a black curtain for your privacy, up to 12 people can fit into the photo.

$599 for 3 hours
$100 for every extra hour

Open Photo Booth

The Open Photo Booth is suitable for up to 15 people.Β It is out 2nd smallest option and can fit into space restricted areas with ease.

$599 for 3 hours
$100 for every extra hour


Our Inflatabooth is eye catching and led lit. Measuring 3m x 3m our white inflatable enclosure is run by a small blower. We have had 16 people squeeze into it for photos!

$700 for 3 hours

$100 for every extra hour